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What You Don’t Know About Minneapolis GOP Strategist: Anton Lazzaro Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Anton Lazzaro
Anton Lazzaro

Who is Anton Lazzaro?

Anton Lazzaro has been named as the Minneapolis-based Republican strategist who was reportedly arrested on August 12 on charges of underage sex trafficking. Lazarro will not be allowed out on bail and will remain in jail till his hearing next week, the judge has ordered. The arrest stems from allegations by six women.

FBI claimed that he “knowingly and intentionally interfered” with the investigation. The Daily Beast reported that the strategist and occasional Fox News guest was indicted on five counts of sex trafficking.

How old is Anton Lazzaro?

Anton Lazzaro is 30 years old as of the year 2021.

Anton Lazzaro Minneapolis

The GOP strategist, who also goes by the name Tony, is a well-known playboy.

In fact, failed GOP House candidate Lacy Johnson said “He’s young, he’s got money, and… that tends to attract females.” A quick glimpse of his Instagram profile seems to indicate that’s the case.

Lazzaro frequently flaunts his wealth on social media with photos of his Lamborghini, a jet, and even wads of cash.

If you are wondering how he got so rich, it is probably from his business. Apart from being a strategist for the GOP, he is also the founder and CEO of Gold River Group, a marketing company.

Anton Lazzaro Net Worth

The Daily Beast reported he is also an investor in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.

Those investments have led him to funnel more than $22,000 to political committees in California, Minnesota, Michigan, and New Mexico, with over half coming from him personally.

Born in Los Angeles, Lazzaro studied at Brigham Young University in Idaho, before moving to Minneapolis.

Lazarro’s personal website says “he has owned his own very successful firm Gold River Group for nine years.”

Anton Lazzaro Wikipedia

Business aside, Lazzaro is the founder and director of Big Tent Republicans PAC.

Through the PAC, Lazarro has met with some of the GOP’s biggest names, and he proudly shows off photos with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Mitt Romney to name a few. He’s also a frequent guest on Fox News, News Max, and RT America. In 2020, he served as Lacy Johnson’s campaign manager

Anton Lazzaro Arrested

Wealthy Minnesota Republican strategist Anton Lazzaro was arrested in Minneapolis on Thursday morning. The indictment was unsealed in a federal court in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Thursday afternoon.

The arrest of Lazzaro comes months after the FBI first began investigating him.

The indictment against Lazarro says he “recruited” at least five underage victims for paid sex between May and December last year, and trying to entice a sixth. A co-conspirator has been mentioned in the indictment.

It is possible there may be more victims. As of now, Lazzaro has been charged with five counts of sex trafficking of a minor, one count of attempting to do so, and three counts of obstruction of justice.

Anton Lazzaro Matt Gaetz

The FBI raided his luxury condo in mid-December in 2020 and sought Lazzaro’s bank records and video surveillance footage of the building a week before the raid. At the time, neither the US Attorney’s Office nor the FBI offered a comment on the investigation. When The Beast contacted Lazzaro, he said, “someone made a false accusation against me. There’s no charges, no case, nothing political.” Previously in July, he told The Beast:

“There’s nothing to this case. It’s not some Matt Gaetz or whatever you think this is.”

However, the arrest has made it clear there’s a lot more to the case than he let on.

Anton Lazzaro Instagram, Wife

Earlier on August 12, Lazzaro appeared in federal court in St Paul, Minnesota, via video conference.

It is unclear where he is being held, but will next appear in court on August 16.


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It’s also unclear if Lazzaro has pleaded innocent or guilty.

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