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Authorities Arrested Woman in Connection With Fires Along West Coast

Anita Esquivel

Anita Esquivel is one of the four people arrested on suspicion of arson in West Coast areas already under siege from major destructive and deadly blazes, including one man who live-streamed the encounter on social media according to official reports.

Source: Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

The latest reports suggest that at least 20 people have died in California, eight in Oregon and one in Washington state as firefighters struggle to contain already deadly fires.

Oregon officials warned they are preparing for a ‘mass fatality event’.

Anita Esquivel Under Suspicion

Police Chief Tighe O’Meara announced Thursday that a criminal investigation was opened into the cause of the Almeda fire calling the circumstances around the fire ‘suspicious’.

The fire sparked in Ashland Tuesday and although it mostly spared the Oregon Shakespeare Festival town, the blaze has killed two people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

Anita Esquivel was arrested in Monterey County, California after starting fires near Highway 101, though the number of fires was not released, according to KION.

The district attorney dismissed suggestions that Esquivel had ties to far-left groups, such as Antifa.

Esquival, of California, is facing charges, according to the Daily Wire.


Police accused also 41-year-old Michael Jarrod Bakkela of starting a separate fire near the railroad tracks in Phoenix, Ore., Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. In a statement, the sheriff’s office said that while the Almeda fire burned, “residents witnessed Bakkela lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane”.

Deputies and Oregon State Police troopers who arrived at the scene said they saw Bakkela “standing close to a very large fire threatening several homes”.

Two unidentified men were arrested in connection to fires in Washington: One man allegedly started a fire on State Route 167 at Meridian, while another man was detained a day later allegedly starting a fire at State Route 512, the Daily Mail reported

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