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Top Vatican Bank’s Chief Jailed For 9 Years: Angelo Caloia Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Angelo Caloia Biography — Wiki

Angelo Caloia is best known as the former president of the bank widely known as the Institute of Works of Religion (IOR) from 1999 to 2009. Recently, He and two lawyers who consulted for the bank were charged with embezzling money while managing the sale of Italian real estate owned by IOR between 2001-2008, allegedly declaring less than the actual amount of the sale.

Caloia has been sentenced to almost 9 years in prison for money laundering and aggravated embezzlement.

How old is Angelo Caloia?

According to his date of birth 2 May 1939, Angelo Caloia is 81 years old.

What are Angelo Caloia’s net worth and salary?

Angelo Caloia’s net worth and salary have not been publicly announced yet.

What is Angelo Caloia’s education”?

Angelo Caloia graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Official: Angelo Caloia sentenced to jail for embezzlement

Angelo Caloia was sentenced by Vatican court on Thursday to eight years and 11 months in jail after he became the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime.

Also convicted were Gabriele Liuzzo and his son Lamberto Liuzzo both Italian lawyers who were consultants to the bank. The three were charged with participating in a scheme in which they embezzled money while managing the sale of Italian real estate owned by the bank between 2001 and 2008.

They allegedly siphoned off tens of millions of euros by declaring far less than the true amount of the sale.

Gabriele Liuzzo was given the same sentence as Caloia, while Lamberto Liuzzo was given a sentence of five years and two months.

Angelo Caloia attorneys

In a statement released after the verdict, Caloia’s attorneys — Domenico Pulitano and Rosa Talavera — said the court’s decision came at a time “that is generally unfavorable to those defending themselves” and that the maximum sentence handed down did not reflect their client’s acquittal of embezzling money from the sale of “most of the properties.”

Caloia’s attorneys, the statement said, “have already presented their appeal.”

The Vatican had announced in late 2014 that the two men — along with Lelio Scaletti, were under investigation.

During the investigation, the Vatican had frozen a total of about 17 million euros (US$20.6 million) in the Vatican bank accounts of the three men.

At the opening of the trial in May 2018, Gian Piero Milano, the Vatican’s chief prosecutor, said that at the Vatican’s request, the Swiss government froze another 10 million euros (US$12.1 million) in a Swiss account in Liuzzo’s name. The Vatican court ordered all assets seized from the defendants’ accounts and awarded 23 million euros (US$27.9 million) to the IOR and to Sgir, an Italian-registered company owned by the Vatican bank.

However, the court determined that both entities may be further compensated after the overall moral, economic and reputational damage inflicted by the embezzlement is determined in a separate civil trial.

Before delivering the sentence, Pignatone thanked all those present at the trial “for their contribution to this process, a contribution both in the reconstruction of complicated facts and in the law in matters of considerable complexity.”

At the sentencing hearing, Milano said the investigation and subsequent court proceedings were “very thorough and conducted with great care by all.”

The trial, he added, was “destined to remain in history.”

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