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Cambridgeshire Paramedic Behind Bars: Andrew Wheeler Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Andrew Wheeler Biography — Wiki

Andrew Wheeler is a paramedic ‘who thought he was untouchable’, has now been found guilty of raping a patient in her own home and s*xually assaulting another patient in the back of his ambulance. Wheeler was on duty in a rapid response car when he was called to help a woman who had collapsed at her friend’s house in 2018.

He drove the woman, who was drunk, to her own house where he r*ped and s*xually assaulted her.

Andrew Wheeler Age

Andrew Wheeler, of Mill Green, Warboys in Cambridgeshire, is 46 years old.

Andrew Wheeler convicted after rape charges

Jurors at Peterborough Crown Court convicted Andrew Wheeler of both offences after three days of deliberation. The jury also convicted Wheeler of raping a second woman in 2009 on an occasion when she was not a patient, and of s*xually assaulting her in the back of his ambulance when she was a patient in 2010.

Prosecutor Noel Casey described Wheeler as a “callous s*xual abuser who thought he was untouchable’. He added the paramedic ‘abused the privilege and trust that wearing an NHS uniform brings’.

Mr Casey said that Wheeler was working as a single-crew paramedic when he was called to the incident involving the drunk woman. Wheeler reassured two other paramedics who arrived as a dual-crew that he had things under control and would stay to finish up paperwork, Mr Casey said.

The paramedic then drove the woman to her house where he r*ped and s*xually assaulted her. As Wheeler left the woman’s home ‘he said something about losing his job and nobody would believe her as she was an alcoholic’, Mr Casey said.

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