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What You Don’t Know About App Designer: Andrew Innes Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Net Worth and More

Andrew Innes
Andrew Innes

Who is Andrew Innes?

Andrew Innes is an app designer who has reportedly appeared in court charged with double murder after allegedly beating 25-year-old mother-of-two Bennylyn Burke to death with a hammer and killing her two-year-old daughter, Jellica Burke.

The software engineer is alleged to have bludgeoned Burke to death with a hammer at his home in Dundee and murdered her two-year-old daughter Jellica by unknown means within his home during a 17-day window.

How old is Andrew Innes?

Andrew Innes is 50 years old.

Andrew Innes Net Worth

Door-to-door inquiries have been carried out in the Ardler area of Dundee, where Innes lives in a £250,000 five-bedroom house.

Bennylyn Burke: Andrew Innes Murder

Innes faced a petition alleging two charges of murder when he appeared briefly in private at Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday afternoon. He is alleged to have carried out both murders within his home at 21 Troon Avenue between 17 February and 5 March this year.

The first charge alleges he attacked Bennylyn Burke by repeatedly striking her on the head with a hammer, or similar implement, and murdered her.

The second alleges he assaulted her toddler daughter ‘by means presently unknown to the prosecutor’ and murdered her. Innes appeared from custody, having been arrested at the weekend and made no plea before Sheriff John Rafferty.

The case was continued for further examination and Innes was remanded in custody.

Andrew Innes Dundee

Meanwhile, a forensic team continued to search the detached home in Troon Avenue where a tent and skip have been stationed in the garden. Officers arrived at the property on Friday afternoon and were in place throughout the weekend after initially responding to a missing person’s inquiry.

Ms. Burke and her two children were last seen in Bristol on 17 February and were then reported missing from their home on 1 March.

A seven-year-old girl was found alive in the Dundee property and is being supported by police.

Andrew Innes Aberdeen

It is understood Ms. Burke originally hailed from the Philippines and traveled to live in Bristol around two years ago.

Police Scotland confirmed at the weekend that the investigation had become a murder inquiry although no bodies had been recovered at the time. Ms. Burke is understood to have had family members living in the United Kingdom and they have been informed as to her next-of-kin.

One friend in Bristol paid tribute and told reporters: ‘This has broken our hearts and we are all constantly crying. It’s just so sad.

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