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What You Don’t Know About Jasmine Hartin’s Husband: Andrew Ashcroft Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Andrew Ashcroft
Andrew Ashcroft

Who is Andrew Ashcroft?

Andrew Ashcroft is widely known as the husband of  Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law Jasmine Hartin who will be charged soon in relation to the mysterious death of Belize police officer Henry Jemmott, who was found floating dead in the water off San Pedro island on early Friday, May 28. Husband Andrew, who is the son of millionaire businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft, has not said anything yet while Jasmine has been in police custody since Friday.

How old is Andrew Ashcroft?

Andrew Ashcroft is 43 years old as of the year 2021.

Andrew Ashcroft Wife, Family

Andrew is the husband of Jasmine Hartin. The British developer is also one of the children of Lord Michael Ashcroft, who is a high-profile political donor. There is no information regarding Andrew and Hartin’s marriage, but some reports have claimed that the pair share two kids together.

Andrew Ashcroft Belize

Also, as a family, they live mostly in Belize, where they have a luxury hotel named Alaia. It opened for business in early May.

Jasmine Hartin Ashcroft

Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams said Hartin has been held at the San Pedro police station jail.

Regarding the jail, he added, “she is a lady who is used to luxury. Whenever you see her she is always perfectly dressed, her children are always perfect. She is a nice lady, very polite and beautiful. I can’t imagine her in there. I have been inside that jail.”

“The cell floors are made of dirt and the whole place smells of urine.”

Jasmine Hartin Belize

According to reports, the accused and the victim were seen together, hanging out on a pier before the father-of-five was hit by a bullet fired by his own service weapon behind his right ear. Jemmott’s sister Marie Jemmott Tzul, told on Sunday night, May 30, that Hartin will be charged soon and will also be presented before a judge in a court. “I got a call, but they did not say what she was going to be charged with,” Tzul stated.

Meanwhile, according to an unverified report on Belize television, the 38-year-old accused will be pressed with manslaughter charges as she confessed to investigators she mistakenly fired off the Glock pistol while she was giving it to Jemmott. A cop who reportedly first responded to the scene after the incident claimed that the slain officer fell onto Hartin after being hit by the bullet, but the woman pushed him off and he fell into the water.


Tzul told, “I haven’t seen the news because I’m so overwhelmed and devastated by my brother’s death.”

“I can’t speculate over whether they will bail her or she will stay in prison because I don’t know the charge yet. What I would say to Jasmine is, give closure to the family. Tell us what happened. We want to know for the benefit of our family. He was my only brother.”

“He had five children and a partner for 14 years. Every time I look at my nieces and my nephews I break down and cry. Please tell us what happened.”

Jasmine Hartin Family

The slain cop’s family has also dismissed the claims that he killed himself. Jemmott’s other sister, Cherry, an assistant superintendent with Belize Police, said, “my brother would never ever kill himself. He had his plans. In September he was to be promoted to senior superintendent and he was to be transferred to another unit. My brother was a very top cop with a big dream. He had a gunshot behind his ear like an assassination.”

He was so skillful after 24 years [as an officer], he would never have left his guard down. He was a top cop.”

“I don’t know how he let down his guard to be shot with his own gun.”

“The sister also mentioned that Jemmott and Hartin are believed to be close to each other as the latter’s business works are mainly around San Pedro.”

Jasmine Hartin Trial

Jemmott’s niece, Renisha Martinez, also took to social media to express her grief as she stated”

“I know for a fact my uncle would never do suicide. He was murdered and we need justice. That man loved his job so much that he wouldn’t even take days off! First and foremost my Uncle is a dedicated man when it comes to his job. He is a caring and supporting dad, uncle and friend. He loved being out and working hard. He believed that hard work came with a lot of discipline. My uncle was a great man in my eyes and anybody else who knows him would feel how I feel.”

However, amid all this chaos, no statement has reportedly come out from her husband Andrew Ashcroft or from her father-in-law.

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