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What You Don’t Know About Cuomo’s Ex-Aide: Ana Liss Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Ana Liss
Ana Liss

Who is Ana Liss?

Ana Liss is declared to be another former aide of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who reportedly has described inappropriate workplace treatment by the governor. The woman has stated that the governor called her “sweetheart” and asked if she had a boyfriend.

Liss, a policy and operations aide who worked for the governor from 2013 to 2015, said he’d behaved inappropriately while on the job in Albany. Liss revealed that Cuomo called her “sweetheart” and once he even touched her on her lower back, apart from kissing her hand once.

Liss has also said that Cuomo asked her if she was dating anyone.

How old is Ana Liss?

Ana Liss is 35 years old.

Cuomo Accuser: Ana Liss Cuomo

Liss is the third former state employee to accuse the governor of varying degrees of sexual harassment. With her case and that of Karen Hinton, accusers of Cuomo go to five. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Liss, who is currently Director of Planning and Development for Monroe County, said that actions by Cuomo were unsolicited and happened while she sat at her desk, which was near his office in the Executive Chamber a the NYS Capitol.

Liss told the newspaper that she initially perceived Cuomo’s conduct as harmless flirtations, but over time came to see it as patronizing.

Liss described a May 2014 encounter with the governor in Albany’s executive mansion, where Cuomo approached Liss with the greeting, “Hey, sweetheart!” she said. Cuomo then hugged her, planted his lips on both cheeks, put his arm around her lower back, and grabbed her waist, she said.

Liss also said that she decided to come forward after two former aides, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, said that the governor engaged in inappropriate behaviors. Last week Cuomo publicly addressed sexual harassment accusations against him, saying that he did not intend to make anyone uncomfortable.

Ana Liss Monroe County

Liss is currently working with Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. She is working in efforts to promote growth and investment in the 19 towns and villages and 750,000 residents of the Greater Rochester, NY region. She is also the Executive Director of the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA) and the Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation (MCIDC).

She holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, a BA in Journalism from Ithaca College, and an Advanced Certificate in Innovation Management and Technology Transfer from SUNY Empire State College’s MBA program.

Karen Hinton Cuomo

On Saturday, March 6, Karen Hinton spoke to the Washington Post about an incident in which Cuomo summoned her to his ‘dimly lit’ hotel room and embraced her after a work event in 2000.

Hinton said that she tried to pull away from Cuomo but he pulled her back and held her before she backed away and escaped the room.  As the women came forward with their stories, other aides spoke to both the Journal and Post about the ‘toxic’ work environment created by Cuomo.

It included testimonies from two male aides who claimed the governor would berate them using explicit language, calling them “p*****s” and saying that they “have no balls.”

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