Six men arrested over British backpacker’s disappearance, Amelia Bambridge’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family, Disappearance, Facebook, Instagram and Facts You Need To Know

Amelia Bambridge Biography

Amelia Bambridge is a Britsh backpacker from Worthing in West Sussex. Amelia Bambridge was on her gap year when she was last seen in the resort of Koh Rong on Wednesday.

Amelia Bambridge Age

She is 21 years old.

Amelia Bambridge
Amelia Bambridge

Amelia Bambridge Missing

Amelia Bambridge had been staying at Nest Beach Club Hostel, around 40 minutes away from Police Beach, where she was last seen.

  • Six Cambodians have been arrested over Amelia Bambridge’s disappearance
  • The 21-year-old from Worthing went missing last Wednesday on Koh Rong island
  • Nearly 200 armies, navy and police personnel scoured the land and sea Tuesday 
  • Police conceded on the sixth day of searching, “We are now looking for a body”

On Wednesday, Bambridge, who travelled to Cambodia alone, left the Nest Beach Club hostel on Koh Rong, where she had been staying, and attended a party on the small, privately run Police Beach. She was last seen by friends at about 3 am on Thursday at the party.

Concern was raised when Bambridge failed to check out of the hostel and meet a friend to catch a ferry. on Thursday morning, her backpack was found on rocks by Police Beach later.

Cambridge is believed to have visited Police Beach that night with a group of eight friends. The walk from Nest Beach Club to Police Beach takes 30-40 minutes and needs travelling through unlit areas of the jungle. By 6.30 pm on Sunday, some sections of the route were in the near-complete dark.

Amelia Bambridge Search

While 200 army, navy and police personnel rubbed the island on Tuesday, one police official revealed his diminishing hopes, saying: “We are looking for a body now”.

Local volunteers joined expats, tourists and Cambodian officials including police officers, divers and soldiers in searching for the British backpacker. Three government boats aided the sea search, while people scoured terrain on foot and motorbikes.

Ben Warner, who is 33 years old, the founder of Nest Beach Club and leader of the volunteer search effort, told the Guardian on Sunday night: “The bag that was found was very close to the shoreline, so that made us very worried. It’s unclear why the bag would be there. You’d think if she went swimming, she would have left clothes by it. That, for us, meant that there was a real risk that she could be in the water”.

Amelia Bambridge Parents Arrival

Her mother Linda Bambridge was on her way to the island, where divers and drones were being used to find Ms Bambridge.

On Sunday, Ms Bambridge’s sister Georgie said her father and brother had arrived on Koh Rong late at night when searches had stopped overnight.

“They’ll join the police and start searching”. she said.

Arrested Men

The six detainees, some of whom work in local bars, have been taken to police headquarters of neighbouring coastal province Sihanoukville, a senior officer told AFP on Tuesday.

“They are being questioned”, provincial deputy police chief Nop Panha said. “We are not making any conclusions yet”.

Three men, believed to be Cambodians, were placed in handcuffs on the island on Monday and taken for questioning.

Volunteer search party organisers said it was common for local police to handcuff people without arresting them. A Koh Rong official working with police told the Guardian that there had been no arrests related to the search.

Amelia Bambridge On Twitter and Instagram

She is still missing.


Amelia Bambridge set off on her trip on September 27, when she flew to Vietnam.

Her parents were alerted to her disappearance after she failed to check out of the Nest Beach Club hostel. Her passport remained at the hostel.

Staff at Police Beach, a private venue that stages regular events, found Ms Bambridge’s purple rucksack, containing her purse, phone and bank cards, the morning after she went missing.

Amelia Bambridge bag items
Amelia Bambridge bag items

Georgie Bambridge spoke to her sister, Ms Bambridge, on the phone in the hours before she was last seen.

Search efforts initially focused on the beach after a bag containing her credit card, money, and some medication was found on a rock near the water.

It was that discovery that led Chhoeun Chantha, commune chief of Koh Rong, to say that he fears Miss Bambridge had drowned.

Police officers scan the waves today as they continue their search for Miss Bambridge despite little hopes.


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