Who is Former Miss Universe New Zealand Finalist: Everything You Need To Know About Amber-Lee Friis

Amber-Lee Friis Biography – Wiki

Amber-Lee Friis was best known as the 2018 Miss Universe New Zealand finalist who took her own life on Monday at the age of 23, the Miss World New Zealand Facebook page announced. She lived in Auckland, New Zealand.

She was 23 years old at the time of death.

Amber-Lee Friis School Career

Ms Friis revealed that she was bullied multiple times at school before she turned her life around. During her days in school, her classmates called her ‘Chimoan’ because of her tanned skin and slanted eyes.

She also had a difficult upbringing outside of school, saying there were some nights where there was no dinner to put on the table.

Amber-Lee Friis Early Career

“I remember sitting in my room one night and thinking how hard life could be. At a young age you feel the world is weighing on your shoulders”, Ms Friis once told Stuff.

At just 15-years-old she moved in with her then boyfriend and studied mechanics while working at a pizza hut.  As her weight got out of control, she tipped the scales at 96 KG by the age of 16.

I had a negative outlook on everything. I pictured myself as being an angry, fat, old lady but then I thought: This is not what I want to be like”, she said.

Amber-Lee Friis Professional Career

Decided to get back to her weight, she she joined a gym – and within six months, she slimmed down to her toned figure.

In 2018, she with her tattoos and ear stretcher ‘never expected in a million years’ she would be in the running for a beauty pageant.

Miss World New Zealand CEO Nigel Godfrey described her as ‘feisty’, ‘genuine’, and said ‘her heart was most definitely in the right place’.

“We liked and respected her and were very proud to call her a friend, long after the competition had finished. Amber Lee turned her life, and indeed her experience with us around, and into an incredibly positive force for good”, Mr Godfrey wrote.

At 21, she was a Miss Universe NZ finalist in 2018 and traveled to Thailand as part of the competition.

Just a day before the tragedy, Ms Friis had posted a photo with her sister to her Facebook page.

Amber-Lee Friis Death News

New Zealand Police in Auckland told Fox News on Friday that police attended a sudden death on Monday and the death has been referred to the coroner.

Just a day before the tragedy, Ms Friis had posted a photo with her sister to her Facebook page.

She was represented by The Talent Tree model agency who said they were ‘devastated’ by the young woman’s passing.

Amber-Lee Friis Tributes

The CEO of Miss World NZ, Nigel Godfrey, also paid tribute to Friis on Monday.

Following the tragic news, tributes came pouring in, including from the Miss World New Zealand’s official Facebook page.

“Our sincerest condolences to the friends and whānau of Amber-lee Friis, whom we have just learned from The Talent Tree has passed away. Continue shining brightly, Amber-lee, just as we remembered you,” the statement read.