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Shop Worker Saves $10,000 Bulldog Puppy: Alize James Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Alize James Biography — Wiki

Alize James is a pet shop worker who clings to the hood of a speeding car after the couple inside stole a dog worth $10,000 from her shop. James was working at Bully Kamp pet store in Harris County, Texas on November 4 when a couple asked to see one of their bulldogs.

While Ms. James was distracted by a UPS courier, the couple ran off with the puppy – who had just undergone surgery and required special medication.

Alize James Age

Alize James is 21 years old.

Alize James rushes to stop thieves escaping with $10,000 bulldog puppy

Police identified the female suspect as Royshana King of Houston. She was arrested earlier this week and charged on suspicion of aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon. The man, who was also in the store, has not been identified.

King is currently in custody pending a $15,000 bail bond.

Ms. Alize James told the Houston Chronicle that the couple ‘were aggressive’ and demanded a dog on the day they were in the store.  She said the woman supplied a name and phone number to arrange a finance agreement to pay for seven-month-old female bulldog Chica.

 Ms. James admitted she was only concerned about the dog’s safety when she confronted the pair.

Interview: What we know so far about Alize James

In an interview with Click 2 Houston, Ms. James said: ‘I just love all types of animals. My mind is focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing.’

The 21-year-old store worker tried to block the car from leaving but the couple struck her with the car in their bid to escape.

She said: ‘Next time I heard the gas go, he went very aggressively and it (the bumper) kind of like slapped me on top of the car.’

Ms. James jumped on the car’s hood and was filmed driving through Houston clinging on to avoid falling off. She admitted that she was scared she might fall off. Eventually, the couple stops after around 10 minutes, when the man allegedly assaults Ms. James before finally escaping with the dog.

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