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Who is Great British Bake Off Contestant: Ali Imdad Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Ali Imdad Biography — Wiki

Ali Imdad is an Asian Great British Blake Off contestant who was accused by a ranting woman of ‘all these bombings’ before the ‘bus driver asked him to get off the bus’ miles from his stop. Imdad was traveling on the 94 National Express West Midlands service from the City Centre on Saturday 20 at 6.15 pm.

The owner of the patisserie, Cocoa by Ali, described how he was ‘made to feel like a criminal’ when he claimed he was asked to get off the bus by the driver.

Ali Imdad Age

Ali Imdad, from Alum Rock, Birmingham, is 33 years old.

Ali Imdad films shocking moment woman bus passenger blames him for ‘all these bombings’

Ali Imdad shared the clip on Twitter, captioned: ‘Not only was I called a bomber and accused of ruining the country for being Asian when I challenged the Karen, but the driver also threatened to throw ME off the National Express West Midlands bus. In a packed bus, no one said a thing.’

Ali, who placed ninth in the 2013 series of The Great British Bake Off, added: ‘No. Despite the undying urge to, I did not reply with: ‘I was on the Great British Bake Off b****, you can’t get any more British than that”.  In the video, filmed by Mr. Imdad, the woman is heard saying: ‘Fifty years ago – there were no Asians. Now it’s everywhere.’

What the viral video shows

Ali Imdad responds: ‘So?’

The woman replies: ‘What have you done to the country?

‘What have I done to the country? What have you done to the country? Mr. Imdad asks.

The woman states: ‘All these bombings.’

Mr. Imdad responds: ‘Oh so I have done the bombings?’

She quickly adds: ‘Yeah you have.’

‘So I have done the bombings?’

Before stepping out of her seat, the woman adds: ‘Yeah, people like you.’

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr. Imdad explained how he was listening to his music on the bus and looking out of the window when he heard the woman ‘muttering’ next to him.

He said: ‘In the gaps of my music I could just hear stuff like: “This country has gone to s***. Boris is doing it all wrong he is not strict enough.”

‘Then that caught my attention. I thought: “I am going to take my headphones out and try and pay attention to what she is saying.”’

He continued: ‘She was just rambling nonsense for about five minutes about the same sort of things. She was saying nothing clearly until she said there are too many Asians here.

‘That is when I got my phone out and the first thing I did was press the record button and then I started sort of confronting her.’

The patisserie owner explained how he told the woman to ‘get off’ the bus but the man behind where he was sitting ‘defended her’ despite him being ‘victimized’.

Mr. Imdad added: ‘I guess what was really infuriating was that in a bus full of people – nobody spoke up.’

He described how a couple of people offered kind words after the woman left the bus but said: ‘In the middle of that tirade of abuse I just felt so alone.’

Mr. Imdad revealed how the bus driver stopped the bus shortly after the woman left at the stop in Nechells.

He said: ‘The bus driver heard what was being said because a minute or two later he literally stopped the bus, pulled the keys out, stepped outside and said: “I need you to get off the bus.” He was talking to me.’

Mr. Imdad claimed that the bus driver said it was because he was ‘shouting’ and told him if he wanted to complain he should get off the bus and call the police.

Mr. Imdad agreed to keep quiet until his stop, but added: ‘It was really weird because why didn’t he do that when she was shouting?’

Speaking about how he felt during the exchange, he said: ‘It is just so infuriating – I am just trying to get home.

‘Just for existing, just because my skin pigments are slightly darker than hers, I am not only victimized I am made to feel like I am the criminal by being told to get off the bus because I am defending my human rights.’

What we know so far

Ali Imdad said he reported the incident to West Midlands Police who are investigating the incident.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘We’re investigating an alleged hate crime after a man was racially and verbally abused by another passenger while onboard the 94 bus on Corporation Street, Birmingham at around 6.15 pm on December 20.

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