Who is Petr Pavlensky’s Girlfriend: Alexandra de Taddeo Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Video, Accusations and Investigation Reports

Alexandra de Taddeo Biography – Wiki

Alexandra de Taddeo is identified as the girlfriend of a Russian performance artist and activist who published a video of a s*xual type that prompted a Paris mayoral candidate to stand down. She is being reportedly questioned by police over her role in the scandal.

Alexandra de Taddeo Arrested Along Her Boyfriend

Russian artist and activist Petr Pavlensky had been in a relationship with de Taddeo since January 2019. She was arrested along her boyfriend on Saturday afternoon as they left a Paris hotel. Police have been searching for Pavelensky since December.

However, they are being questioned over accusations of invasion of privacy and “broadcasting images of a s*xual nature without the permission of the person involved”.

Alexandra de Taddeo Video Released

According to the detectives, the partners were arrested after a former government minister and Macron ally, known as Benjamin Griveaux, launched a legal complaint following the release of videos of him performing acts on himself.

The 36-year-old Pavlensky has pleaded guilty to publishing the videos on a p*rnographic political website last week, claiming he did so to highlight Griveaux’s “hypocrisy”.

Who is Benjamin Griveaux?

Benjamin Griveaux is a former minister and spokesman for Emmanuel Macron’s centrist La République en Marche party. The father-of-three announced he was standing down as a candidate for Paris mayor to protect his family from what he described as a “vile” campaign.

Ms de Taddeo is said to be the receiver of intimate mobile phone messages and footage which Griveaux exchanged.

Investigation Reports

Juan Branco, a lawyer for Pavlensky and De Taddeo, accused police of using the scandal to “deprive my clients of their freedom”, adding: “I would like the government to take responsibility for its acts.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed it was holding the pair. Police are trying to establish whether the woman was Pavlensky’s accomplice in the broadcasting of the films or whether her phone was hacked.

Video’s Impact

The distribution of the clip, which spread quickly across social media last Thursday, brought condemnation from across the political spectrum.

On Sunday, French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said she would be replacing Mr Griveaux as the En Marche party’s candidate for mayor of Paris.

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