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What You Don’t Know About Russian Aircraft Chief: Alexander Kuranov Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Alexander Kuranov
Alexander Kuranov

Who is Alexander Kuranov?

Alexander Kuranov has been named as the hypersonic scientist who was reportedly arrested by Russia on suspicion of high treason. Professor Alexander was held by the FSB counterintelligence service which accuses him of passing secrets to an unspecified NATO country. He is due in Lefortovo court in Moscow today.

He is expected to be detained for two months pending investigations.

How old is Alexander Kuranov?

Alexander Kuranov is 73 years old as of the year 2021.

Alexander Kuranov Aircraft Chief

Kuranov is a key figure in developing hypersonic technologies in Russia, but the FSB – formerly known as the KGB – believes he passed classified data to a Western intelligence source.

He is the general director and chief designer of the Scientific Research Enterprise of Hypersonic Systems.

His arrest comes after Briton David Smith, a security guard at the British embassy in Germany, was taken for questioning on suspicion of passing confidential information to the Kremlin.

Smith is accused of passing classified terrorism documents to a Russian spy.

His arrest comes as Russia is rushing forward its deployment of new-age hypersonic missiles as part of a major modernization of the Kremlin’s military machine overseen by Vladimir Putin.

Alexander Kuranov Arrested

An FSB source said: ‘During the operational-search activities in the capital, the FSB officers detained the general director of the NIPGS Alexander Kuranov.

Investigators plan to ask the court to ask for his arrest for two months.’

Open sources show Kuranov also to be Professor of the Department of Control Systems and Technologies of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and general director of the Hypersonic Systems Research Institute.

He is the author of over 120 scientific papers, including patents and copyright certificates.

For many years he has been the organizer of the Russian-American International Symposium ‘Thermochemical and Plasma Processes in Aerodynamics’ Meanwhile, Smith has been arrested in Postdam, near Berlin, accused of accepting a pile of cash to pass classified terrorism information to a Kremlin spy.

The purported spy worked as a security guard inside the building.

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