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Lawyer for ‘Qanon Shaman’ Responds: Albert Watkins Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Albert Watkins Biography — Wiki

Albert Watkins is the lawyer for ‘QAnon shaman’ Jacob Chansley, who stormed the Capitol building during last week’s riot wearing horns, wants Donald Trump to pardon him because he felt he was ‘answering the call of our President.’

Watkins spoke on Cuomo Prime Time Thursday evening defending his client Chansley, 33, a well-known supporter of the QAnon conspiracy in Arizona who was arrested Saturday for his role in the violet Capitol siege on January 6.

Albert Watkins Age

Albert Watkins has not publicly announced his age yet.

Albert Watkins wants Trump to PARDON him

This week Chansley, who also goes by Jake Angeli, was indicted by a federal grand jury on six counts including violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol.

‘Trump needs to stand up and own these people. He owes them – he has an obligation to them,’ Watkins said to host Chris Cuomo.

‘And do what?’ Cuomo asked.

‘Give a pardon, give a pardon,’ Watkins replied.

‘You want him to pardon the people that broke into the Capitol and killed a policeman and was trying to get to members of Congress?’ Cuomo hit back.

‘My role is not to judge somebody. My role is to be an advocate. If there’s one iota of a chance that the guy who is the president of our country who invited everybody down Pennsylvania Avenue will give my client a pardon, you know what, I’m going to do it,’ Watkins explained.

‘Now am I holding my breath thinking Donald Trump will be sitting around going, you know what, what’s the name of the guy with the horns? Let’s give him a pardon. With Trump, you never know. He may say I want the guy with the horns,’ he added.

Albert Watkins explained that Chansley genuinely felt he was obeying the President’s demands in raiding the Capitol.

‘He felt like his voice was for the first time being heard and what ended up happening over the course of the leadup to the election, over the course of a period from the election to January 6th, it was a driving force by a man he hung his hat on, he hitched his wagon to, he loved Trump, every word,’ he said.

‘He listened to him. He felt like he was answering the call of our President,’ he added.

Watkins explained that Chansley is considered a ‘genuine shaman,’ noting ‘He has been a long-standing professor of that faith’ and ‘couldn’t be a more gentle, soft-spoken human being.’

‘He just walked in with the whole crowd that was walking in on the peaceful side of things,’ he said.

He noted that Chansley did not participate in any of the violent attacks that led to five deaths and injuries against police officers.

‘My client did not shroud his face in secrecy. He wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest. My client was not armed. He didn’t have zip ties. My client fought – was in the military, served honorably. No criminal background whatsoever. And he, like a lot of other disenfranchised people in our country felt very, very, very solidly in sync with President Trump,’ Watkins said.

Cuomo argued that regardless of whether Chansley broke in or not, he entered it when he wasn’t supposed to walking around with a spear.

‘We all have to understand that the words that were spoken by the president meant something, not just to my client, they meant something to a lot of people,’ Watkins said. ‘They listened to those words and those words meant something to them and they had a right to rely on the words of their president that was worldwide, and they did. And now they’re turning around, they’re getting arrested, as well many should be,’ he added.

Watkins said Chansley recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is being held in quarantine in a federal facility in Phoenix after surrendering to authorities Saturday. He is a failed actor and has been living with his mother Martha, 56, since January 2019. He has also been seen at several pro-Trump rallies in Arizona over the past few months.

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