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What You Don’t Know About UK Politician: Aimee Challenor Biography, Wiki, Age, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor

Who is Aimee Knight Challenor?

Originally from the UK, Aimee Challenor is a transgender activist and former spokesperson and electoral candidate for the Green Party, who joined the Green Party in November 2014 and was the chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens between 2015 – 2017. However, her political career started to go downhill when her father, David Challenor, was sentenced was convicted and jailed for raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl.

How old is Aimee Challenor?

Born on October 1, 1997, Aimee Challenor is 23 years old.

Reddit Fired Employee Aimee Challenor

Reddit has cut ties with former UK politician Aimee Challenor, an admin who became the center of protests on the internet forum. The company released a statement, saying it has cut ties with Challenor. Many popular subreddits had gone private to protest Reddit employing controversial politician Challenor.

Hundreds of subreddits, including r/music, r/historymemes, r/iphone, and more, have set their status to private in protest against ‘censorship’.

CEO Steve Huffman confirmed that “the employee in question is no longer employed by Reddit”.

The controversy erupted when a moderator from r/UKPolitics was banned from the platform for sharing an article that briefly discussed Aimee. After facing a lot of backlashes, Reddit released a statement, saying it “activated standard processes to protect the employee from harassment.”

Aimee Challenor Reddit

According to an independent investigation, it was found that Challenor committed a “serious error of judgment” and posed a “major safeguarding risk” for two years while her father was working with the party. The report also suggested that Challenor only alerted two people from the party by sending a “brief and informal” message on Facebook in 2016. Shockingly, she did not ask them to take action on her father.

Meanwhile, as soon as Redditors got to know about the ban, they quickly took a stand and made their groups private. Whenever a user tries to click on one of these subreddits, they receive a message from u/blank-cheque outlining why the group has been made private.

Reddit Mod Fired

The moderators claim that they decided to go private because “one of Reddit’s new employees (Aimee) is a close associate of child rapists & pedophiles” and the moderators believe that it is a “bad thing” for Reddit to be censoring any mention of this across the site, including banning the name.

This claim was shared by Reddit users and is not based on any facts or evidence.

The message read, “If you’ve been linked to this page, you likely tried to view a subreddit that’s been made private. You may be asking yourself “Why can’t I look at teh memes and teh cat gifs??” I’ll tell you why, young redditor: It’s because one of reddit’s new employees is a close associate of child rapists & pedophiles, and the mods of the subreddit you’re attempting to view think that’s bad. They also think it’s bad for reddit to be censoring any mention of this across the site, including banning people just for saying the name of said admin in a completely unrelated context..”

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