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What You Don’t Know About Sydney Star: Adriana Midori Takara Biography Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Adriana Midori Takara
Adriana Midori Takara

Whowas Adriana Midori Takara?

Adriana Midori Takara is a Brazilian Master’s student who reportedly was found dead after a two-week battle with Covid has urged other young people to get vaccinated.

She returned a positive test for the highly infectious Indian Delta variant on July 15 and died in hospital.

How old was Adriana Midori Takara?

Adriana Midori Takara was 38 years old at the time of death.

Adriana Midori Takara Sydney

The finance worker, described by friends as the ‘brightest star’ died alone in intensive care after undergoing emergency surgery, with doctors finding a viral infection on her heart.

Despite being a respiratory virus, Covid-19 can affect organs all over the body. Marlene Coimbra, an education worker who knew Ms. Takara, said her death should serve as a warning to other young people.

Adriana Midori Takara Health Conditions

We have to tell young people, they need to get vaccinated, they need to take care of their bodies,’ she told The Daily Telegraph.  Friends claimed Ms. Takara contracted the virus from her roommate who works as a nurse.

Despite trying to get an AstraZeneca vaccine, she was denied by her doctor.

She had no underlying health conditions that would have contributed to her death and her distraught family back home were forced to say their final goodbyes over Zoom.

Adriana Midori Takara Death

But the tearful conversation was one-way with Ms. Takara never regaining consciousness after her emergency surgery. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the young woman’s death should serve as a stark warning to those complacent about the virus that it does not discriminate.

Ms. Takara was living in Sydney’s CBD with her boyfriend and on the cusp of finishing her graduate degree in accounting at the Kaplan Business School.  One of their housemates was a nurse who recently tested positive for Covid, a friend claimed on Facebook, sending the unvaccinated couple who would later test positive.

Just a few days later her boyfriend called an ambulance.

Takara was rushed to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital feeling very ‘unwell’.

Adriana Midori Takara Obituary

‘A day or two after admission, Adriana complained of chest pains.”

“Medical staff assessed her having a heart attack,’ her friend Jules Pedrosa wrote on Facebook.

‘Adriana’s health condition worsened after a few days and further tests confirmed that her heart had a “viral infection. This is interesting because she and her family have no history of heart disease.’

He said her condition deteriorated so quickly that a decision was made with the relevant consent from family members to switch off the life-preserving machines.

Adriana Midori Takara Facebook

All goodbyes were said via Zoom to audiences,’ Mr. Pedrosa said. Ms. Takara moved to Australia from São Paulo in 2019 and quickly became part of the ‘family’ in Sydney’s tight-knit ex-pat community of South Americans.

One of her friends shared a heartfelt message on Facebook reminding Australians that she is not just another coronavirus statistic.

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