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Who is San Diego man Adrian Richard Vergara, Adrian Richard Vergara’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Crime, Charges, Reports, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Facts You Need To Know

Adrian Richard Vergara Biography

Adrian Richard Vergara is a man from San Diego who has been accused of beating up a Syrian teenager on a trolley in earlier this month. He pleaded guilty on Monday to assault and hate crime charges. Adrian Richard Vergara was taken to San Diego Central Jail on this Tuesday afternoon. He is said to be sentenced next month to five years in prison as part of his plea deal.

Adrian Richard Vergara Age

He is 26 years old.

Adrian Richard Vergara Assaulting News

There were plenty of open seats on the San Diego trolley, but Adrian Richard Vergara chose the one right next to a teenage Syrian refugee.

The teen boy felt nervous as Vergara sat down. On his way home from school, he was talking on FaceTime with a friend, speaking in Arabic — when suddenly the man next to him took the earbud out of the boy’s ear.

“What trash are you speaking?” Vergara asked him, according to the description at his arraignment by prosecutors last month.

And when the teen refugee responded, “Arabic”, prosecutors said, that’s when the brutal beating started.

Who is The 17-year-old victim?

The 17-year-old victim, who is not publicly identified, told police he had been riding the Metropolitan Transit System trolley home after school on Oct. 15 when Vergara sat down next to him.

Adrian Richard Vergara Found Guilty

On Monday, Vergara pleaded guilty to the Oct. 15 felony hate-crime assault after surveillance video on the trolley identified him as the attacker. Vergara will be sentenced next month to five years in prison, KGTV reported.

In a statement to KSWB last month, the 17-year-old refugee said he hoped to dispel mistaken beliefs among people who have never met Arabs or Muslims that they are dangerous, and encouraged other members of the community to go to the police if they are ever attacked like he was.

Adrian Richard Vergara Arrested and Charged

Vergara was arrested on Oct. 22 for an unrelated drug charge. Investigators recognized him as the teen’s attacker from the trolley security footage.

Attack Reports San Diego’s Refugee Community

The spontaneous attack shook San Diego’s refugee community, especially on the heels of another San Diego man’s unprovoked attack on three Muslim women wearing hijabs. In that Oct. 6 case, also charged as a hate crime, 50-year-old Kyle Allen allegedly shoved one of the women, slapped another and then tried to pull off the third woman’s hijab. Allen has pleaded not guilty.

The 17-year-old refugee on the trolley had been reading up on that case ― just days before his own attack, he told KSWB in a statement.

Investigations Reports

According to ABC News 10, Vergara has an extensive criminal record, including threatening a man with a billy club in 2012, violating a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend in 2016 and assaulting a man in 2017.

The teen packed on the trolley said there were other people riding the trolley at the time, but not a single one came to his defense.

The teen has spoken to local news outlets anonymously, fearing for his and his family’s safety.

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