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Adam Yaroo Captured who stole ex-Crystal Simon Jordan’s £135,000 watch, Adam Yaroo Wiki, Bio, Age, Family and much more about him

Key Points about Adam Yaroo

  • Met detectives spent a week tr acking down career criminal Adam Yaroo
  • Team swamped Yaroo when he returned home on his moped and arrested him 
  • ‘Take me to your police station and take me to jail, d***head,’ the thug screamed
  • Yaroo eventually jailed for six years for multiple crimes at Wool wich Crown Court

Adam Yaroo Captured

Dramatic footage has captured the moment police finally captured the armed robber who stole former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan’s £135,000 watch at gunpoint.

Met Police detectives had spent a week tracking down career criminal Adam Yaroo, 32, and after identifying his hideout sent armed officers to lay in wait for a pre-dawn raid.

The team swamped Yaroo when he returned home on his moped and arrested him with no resistance.

He then ranted at police: ‘Take me to your police station and take me to jail, d***head. Armed robbery, you fool.’

The footage, from new BBC documentary, The Met: Policing London, began with police having to temporarily stand down the raid after Adam Yaroo left his home at 2am in the morning of May 2.

Rather than giving up though the team decided to wait, with armed officers from the Met’s Trojan unit leading the raid.

Spotting a man speeding past in a moped, the detectives alerted their colleagues, who caught Adam Yaroo on his doorstep.

The thug tried to deny robbing Mr  Simon Jordan, telling an officer: ‘I don’t understand what you lot are talking about, I’ve already heard of all this s*** coming towards me, people saying it was something to do with me, it was nothing to do with me, I make money in other ways so don’t try and spring me with that bull****.’

But inside his house officers found a trove of incriminating evidence, including the Nike hoodie and crash helmet he was wearing during the robbery, plus the fake Walther P99 pistol he threatened Mr Simon Jordan with.

A stash of jewelry, a bundle of notes worth up to £2,000 and two stolen mopeds were also recovered.

Adam Yaroo was eventually jailed for six years for the robbery, which happened in Croydon, south London, on March 21.

Mr Simon Jordan had just picked up his 80-year-old father from hospital in his Maserati sports car when the robber struck.

Footage of the heist showed Adam Yaroo pull up alongside Mr Simon Jordan on a motorbike on a busy road and threaten him with a gun, before driving away with his ultra-rare Franck Muller wristwatch.

Reading from Mr Simon Jordan’s victim impact statement, Judge David Miller said: ‘He said although there was no physical injury there was psychological impact.


‘I now feel uneasy and nervous, almost paranoid. My 80-year-old father has suffered stress which hasn’t helped his recovery.

‘He feels guilty because I was only in the area because I collected him in the hospital.’

The judge added: ‘His 10-year-old daughter is very shocked at what happened to her father and grandfather because you pointed a gun at them in broad daylight.’

Adam Yaroo was brought to the dock in handcuffs for sentencing at Woolworth Crown Court after saying he planned to stab cell officers.

Sentencing him for the robbery and six burglaries plus driving and weapon offences, Judge Miller said: ‘It’s set against a background of you having spent a good part of your life burgling houses.

‘You are what can only be described as a career criminal, or as your barrister puts it a career burglar.

‘You started appearing in courts when you were quite young: in 1999 before the Youth Court and you have continued to appear almost every year since then.

Adam Yaroo Stoled Crystal Watch
Adam Yaroo Stoled Crystal Watch

‘You on March 21, on a motorbike with false number plates in a busy shopping road, followed a car which was being driven by Simon Jordan and caught up to the car having followed it for a mile or so in quiet residential streets.

‘You approached his car, he was in fact driving his car with his 80-year-old father who he had just collected from hospital.

‘You pointed a gun at his face and demanded that he hand over his watch, a watch which happens to be worth £135,000.

‘You threatened that if he didn’t hand it over you will shoot him and you did this in front of his 80-year-old father.

“I’ll f**king shoot you, you c**t, give me the watch or I’ll f**king shoot you” is what you said to him.

‘You get away with that and ride off and within hours you were selling that watch in Hutton Garden.’

‘He was also wearing a diamond ring – at that point the defendant decided he was going to rob him.

‘The defendant is a career burglar and I don’t seek to go behind in mitigating on his behalf. He accepts he will be sentenced as a professional or career burglar.’

Adam Yaroo started to cry as he was sentenced to six years and four months for the robbery, and four years concurrent for possession of the imitation firearm.

He was jailed for a further six years and eight months for five burglaries and one aggravated burglary which took place between 2017 and 2018.

Concurrently, he was jailed for one year of possession of a stun gun found at his home, four months for three counts of driving whilst disqualified and one year for stealing a car.

He will also serve a two-year driving ban on his release from prison and must £170 victim surcharge.

At an earlier hearing, Louise Oakley, prosecuting, said a victim impact statement from Mr Simon Jordan said he purchased the ‘rare piece’ from a shop in Sloane Street, Chelsea.

The court heard in one of the burglaries, Adam Yaroo used a moped to smash through the front door of a house in South Croydon which belonged to a Rolex employee.

In the raid, which lasted just 30 seconds, he took a £15,000 Rolex Daytona, a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date worth £26,000 and several other items of jewelry.

Asked by the judge whether Adam Yaroo knew the watches were inside, Miss Oakley said: ‘He had a propensity to steal Rolex watches.

‘The fact that address was targeted with a real determined effort to get in and that he’s inside the property for such a short period of time and has taken the items he has, the crown would submit is no coincidence.’

In a daytime raid on another house, Adam Yaroo made off with jewelry worth £40,000 after he broke in when the owner left.

He took ‘sentimental’ items including wedding and engagement rings and cash.

Cops investigating that burglary found a knife which he dropped at the house and contained DNA which linked him to the crime.

An armed raid on Adam Yaroo’s home on May 2 uncovered the imitation gun used in the raid along with a stun gun disguised as a torch.

The court heard he has convictions for 62 offences and has previously asked for a total of 97 burglaries to be taken into consideration.

He was most recently jailed for five years in October 2014 for burglary, attempted burglary and escape from lawful custody.

Referring to the robbery, Judge Miller said: ‘This has the hallmarks of a professional, planned and targeted offence.

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