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Retired Navy Seal ‘Breaching the Capitol’: Adam Newbold Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Adam Newbold Biography — Wiki

Adam Newbold is a retired Navy Seal, who shared a video boasting about the Capitol breach and encouraging his followers to bring walking sticks to use as weapons against Antifa protesters, now faces questioning by the FBI.

Newbold traveled down to Washington, DC, with a group of people on the night of January 5.

He is a retired reserve SEAL special warfare operator.

Adam Newbold Age

Adam Newbold, of Lisbon, Ohio, is 45 years old.

Adam Newbold posted a viral video boasting of ‘breaching the Capitol’

According to a video, obtained by ABC News, Newbold told his Facebook followers that he was ‘proud’ of what happened in DC while on his way home.

‘There was destruction breaching the Capitol. To get in you had to destroy doors and windows,’ Newbold says in the clip.

‘I’m hoping the message was strong enough, unfortunately, maybe it wasn’t, I’d hate to see this escalate more,’ he added in the since-deleted video.

According to ABC, Newbold also said in the clip that he hopes ‘it pans out to be a positive revolution’. During the rant, Newbold, who served 24 years in the Navy, said he wanted to make lawmakers ‘think twice about what they’re doing’ and to be left ‘shaking in their shoes’.

In another video from Newbold’s event page for the DC rally, he advised participants to consider bringing walking sticks to use as weapons to fend off Antifa protesters. Shocking video from the riot on the Capitol showed Trump supporters using poles from their flags, as well as batons to assault police officers.

And just a day before the riot, Adam Newbold shared a video on his Facebook page telling his viewers that they are ‘very prepared’ for a fight.

‘It’s time to stand up and take our country back and make sure that we are being respectful and doing things in the right way,’ he said.

‘We are not going down looking for a fight… we are just very prepared, very capable and very skilled patriots ready for a fight and we will react without hesitation when called upon to do so,’ Newbold added.

But in an interview with ABC, Newbold started to sing a very different tune and revealed that he is now cooperating with FBI agents who will be conducting a second interview with him.  Newbold expressed remorse for what happened at the Capitol, saying: ‘It was all taken too far.’

‘I would like to express to you just a cry for clemency, as you understand that my life now has been absolutely turned upside-down,’ Newbold said.

‘I am not a terrorist. I am not a traitor.’

Adam Newbold footage

What we know so far about Adam Newbold

Adam Newbold told ABC that he didn’t assault any of the officers as the mob of MAGA supporters stormed the building.

He also said he never entered the Capitol building.

Newbold, who owns an Ohio-based firearms training business called ATG Worldwide, said he came to a realization that the incident ‘accomplished nothing’ after learning that a rioter had been shot dead inside the building.

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