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Who is Self-Confessed Woman-Hater: Adam Geoffrey Rybicki Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Victims, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki Biography — Wiki

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki is a self-confessed woman-hater who described himself as ‘most bitter spiteful hate-filled c*** on the planet’ have shared their disturbing stories. Terrified victims who were sent a barrage of abusive text messages from Rybicki.

Rybicki, who is originally from Banksia Grove in Perth, will appear in Joondalup Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki Age

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki is 33 years old.

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki background with victims

Five of Rybicki’s victims have come forward and shared their distressing experiences after being threatened, stalked, abused and harassed within days or weeks of meeting him. Rybicki met one of his victims two years ago when was just 20 and she invited him over for dinner within a week.

He ‘looked like a different person’ to his online profile, leading her to think she’d been catfished, so she asked a friend to fake an emergency so she could get him out of her house.

As she led him out, Rybicki’s mood changed and he demanded to know ‘what was it about me?’ that made her end the date.

The woman told him he was making her uncomfortable and had to leave, immediately locked the garage and hid inside, where she could clearly see him calling her multiple times, texting, then putting his number on private and calling her again.

‘He just seemed like he’d been here before like it wasn’t a big deal for him,’ she told The West Australian.

The woman called her friend and asked her to come over with her brother because Rybicki wouldn’t leave.

Her friend told her to call the police, but when her friends arrived, Rybicki told them that the officers would side with him.

Police eventually arrived and revealed that multiple women had taken out restraining orders on him.

Rybicki was reported on Bumble and his account was deleted but he continued to make new accounts with different emails.

‘It was pretty bad for about a week. I felt like he broke me. I was scared to be in the house by myself,’ the woman said.

Six months after her terrifying ordeal, he contacted her again through three fake Instagram accounts and abused her, calling her fat and saying her ‘father would be ashamed [of her] for treating a male like this’.

In March this year, Rybicki told another woman on Hinge he was going to kill himself because of her.

The 27-year-old victim said he would always talk about wanting to sleep with her and would send at least 40 texts a day and if she didn’t respond would continue into the next. The relentless behavior saw the woman start making up excuses to not see him which left her ‘scared’ as he did not get the hint.

Some of the messages he sent her to read: ‘You have no idea what I’m capable of’ and ‘You’ll get what’s coming to you’.

She wasn’t sleeping well and feared that he would show up at her house.

Even though Rybicki is behind bars, the woman believes jail ‘won’t teach him a lesson’ and that if he is let out he will keep offending.

Another victim said she didn’t get a ‘good vibe’ from the moment Rybicki arrived at her place.

‘I didn’t feel totally safe, so I told him I had my period. I made a mental note then and there like, ”that’s it, we’re not doing this again”, and then after that it snowballed and I just realized he was absolutely crazy.’

Rybicki proceeded to send abusive texts and when she didn’t reply the bullying got worse.

Over a one-year period, the woman was forced to block more than five of Rybicki’s Facebook and Instagram accounts after meeting him on Tinder.

Thinking he must’ve changed, the woman swiped right – only for him to call her a ‘c***’ and a ‘f***ing fat pig’.

Another message read: ‘All women are dog s***; They’re f***ing pieces of s***; I am the most bitter spiteful, hate-filled c*** on the planet who absolutely hates women and have straight-up become evil; I’m glad I ruined the life of at least one more … bitch; Who do you think you’re dealing with — this is someone who hates women, hates the country, hates the government and hates the police.’

Another threatening message read: ‘You haven’t even seen a glimpse of who I really am but you will, I am the most bitter spiteful hate-filled c*** on the planet. Who absolutely hates women, and have straight-up become evil. Not all evil people are born. I have three phones sweetheart, I will find you wherever you are.’

Another victim said she spotted the ‘red flags’ immediately and avoided Rybicki when he suddenly sent a 1,500-word text.

The 32-year-old blocked him but he reached out on other fake accounts, even targeting her family and friends.

He told them she was a s*** and threatened to share explicit photos she had shared.

She thought she escaped his wrath but she broke down when she ran into him at a bar.

Rybicki connected with another of his victims on Hinge in December last year.

The pair spoke for two hours and Rybicki told her that women were ‘unjustly scared’ of him and would call the police on him.

She told him women wouldn’t call the police on guys for no reason.

Rybicki then asked her to come over and she refused as they had just met online but he kept persisting.

The harassment continued for two weeks where he would wish physical and sexual harm on her and her family.

She finally blocked him on every app and thought she was relieved of him until May this year when he found her again.

What we know so far

Adam Geoffrey Rybicki was finally arrested and charged in July and will be sentenced on Thursday at Joondalup Magistrate’s Court.

Rybicki was found guilty of terrorizing 19 women on a range of dating apps, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram between January 2018 and May this year.

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