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Where is Horseback Instructor? Abigail Toeneboehn Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Dejywan Floyd

Who is Abigail Toeneboehn?

Abigail Toeneboehn is a woman who went missing under mysterious circumstances this week. She vanished from her West Creek Stables apartment on Perkerson Mill Road in Austell on Thursday. Police said she left the farm around 11 pm on Thursday night and hadn’t been seen since, as reported by National Center For Missing and Endangered, Inc.

However, she had left her West Creek Stables apartment on Thursday evening of her own accord, 11Alive reported.

How old is Abigail Toeneboehn?

Abigail Toeneboehn is 22 years old.

Abigail Toeneboehn Update

According to WXIA, Toeneboehn stays at the stables for several days a week to train horses but lives and attends college in Alabama. The Austell Police Department is considering the young trainer’s disappearance “suspicious” as she left her car, keys, wallet and phone in her apartment.

Investigators are also unsure at this time if she left the apartment on her own or if she was going to meet somebody, the National Center for Missing and Endangered reported. The young trainer is an Alabama native and attends Southern Union State Community College in Wadley.

She reportedly goes to Georgia for work, as she is a horse trainer.

Abigail Toeneboehn Found

“She’s never done anything like this before, and there’d be no way that she would be gone this long, ever, by her own choice,” her mother said Saturday. “There were a lot of very exciting things happening this week … at the barn, specifically this morning, that she would never have willingly missed.” Police had no suspects as of noon Saturday. “We have her on (the National Crime Information Center), (Georgia Crime Information Center) as a missing person,” Starrett said.

“We have lookouts in the surrounding counties and in Alabama, we’ve got the Alabama authorities working with us on it, too. … Hopefully, if she’s just out, she’ll see something to make contact with her mama.”

Police conducted a search at the West Creek Stables using a canine unit on Friday, February 26, but did not find Toeneboehn. A representative for the Austell Police Department told Fox 5 that it’s unusual for the young woman to be out of touch with her family and work.

“This is not typical behavior from Abi, who adores her family and her animals,” the representative said.

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