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Who is Racist Burger King Customer – Austin Addison Wikipedia

Austin Addison
Austin Addison

Austin Addison

Austin Addison is a Burger King customer who was reportedly filmed open-hand slapping an employee working behind the cash register in Pennsylvania earlier this week, according to a report from TMZ.

Austin Addison seen berating at the Burger King’s employee

21-year-old Addison, who worked for Harbor Freight Tools, had completely gone off on a racist rant over a Burger King employee, his viral video shows.

Austin Addison Being Racist at Pennslyvania Burger King

The video began in the middle of the incident when Addison appeared to be threatening either the employee or a different person at the restaurant, to get them “put in jail for the rest of [their] life”.

The viral video didn’t capture the entire accident but has been shared widely on social media and earned the suspect the moniker “Burger King Kevin”. He was seen shouting in the employee’s face.

It is unknown why Addison prompted his outburst on the employee.

Austin Addison Viral Video

The video started when Addison was seen being angry about the actions of another worker who was not seen on camera, accusing her of robbery and threatening to have her locked up for the rest of her life.

As the Burger King worker on camera began to warn the customer that his actions were on camera, Addison was seen delivering an open-handed slap to the man’s face at a Pennsylvania restaurant.

He then allegedly walked out the door as the short clip ended.

Austin Addison Was Previously Fired From His Job

Austin Addison, who was identified by the police, was fired from his job at Harbor Freight Tools for the slap; however, a rep for the company tells us that while they don’t condone his actions.

The 21-year-old was no longer an employee there at the time of the incident.

Austin Addison Under Investigation

According to the TMZ, Addison was reportedly fired from his job after the viral footage went viral on Monday.

The video, which has had hundreds of thousands of online views, was shared by many in the hope of identifying the person seen attacking the Burger King worker.

Addison was identified by the police as the man employed by a nearby Harbor Freight Tools store.  He was picked up later and charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief, TMZ shared.